Pretty Interlab

We think globally but act locally

Pretty Interlab is the first fully automated electrophoresis instrument designed with a Global approach.

  • Global: Perfect for every laboratory in the world
  • Local: Suitable for laboratories of all sizes

It’s Perfect… Fast, easy, automated, compact…

It’s called PRETTY Interlab!!!

  • Automation
  • High productivity
  • Dry Temperature controlled Migration Chamber
  • High Efficiency of the Peltier System
  • Easy outcome interpretation
  • No doubts over interpretation by combining the visual inspection of the gel with the graph
  • Standardised high-quality results
  • Low cost management
  • Easy to use
  • A range of various gels suitable for every work load
  • Compact size (30x25x40 cm, weight 14 Kg)
  • Voltage 90-260 VAC – 50/60 HZ
  • Connectivity: USB
Just 2 easy and quick steps to start the assay
  • Serum Proteins
  • Serum Proteins B1-B2
  • Acid Blue or Violet Immunofixation
  • Bence-Jones immunofixation
  • HR Proteins
  • Alkaline Haemoglobins
  • Acid Haemoglobins
  • Lipoproteins

Elfolab represents the latest generation of electrophoresis software, capable of satisfying and managing all operator needs. Here are just a few of the many features that make it so versatile: Multilevel Quality Control with Levey-Jennings Curves, Curve Editing, Possibility to enter Comments, Automated Monoclonal Component Identification, Patient History, Archive Password, Host Computer Connection