Elfolab is the new multiplatform software for managing patient data both on the Interlab G26 and on the Pretty devices.

All patient data are easily managed with the latest Elfolab software version, which is simple, efficient and intuitive. The main panel contains all the patient’s personal data, the numeric results, and a large window which allows an easy-to-interpret graphic review. The architecture and the features of Elfolab follow the strictest standards in terms of traceability of the patient’s data and of the operator who carried out the assay. It is also possible to create individual access accounts to the software.

The patient’s complete data are instantly visible without the need to click on specific pages. In addition, six extra fields for additional patient data can be customised by the user.

All the major commands are grouped together, above the patient’s graph, for easy and immediate management.

From the main panel, the user has immediate access to all the patient data management commands. Several functions are possible, including, for example, the following:

  • overlaying the graph with a reference graph;
  • automated assignment of the monoclonal component
  • variation of the graph;
  • deletion of the fraction;
  • visualisation of optical density;
  • possibility of setting the beginning and end of the chart;
  • chart smoothing option or of just one single fraction;
  • possibility of entering notes;
  • Possibility of changing the colour of the graph and the background of the window.

The user can place up to 11 different fractions and can easily change the name of the fraction. All fractional values expressed in percentage or concentration can be viewed at a glance. A coloured window will immediately alert the user if a fraction value does not fall within the normal range values, indicating also by how much the abnormal fraction is out of range. The gel ID number scanned by the device before the start of the assay, is automatically saved in the window of this area (only available on the Interlab G26 instrument). The gel ID number read automatically ensures the perfect traceability of patient data.

All information concerning electrophoresis pattern reading is available on the main panel without the need to move to another software window.